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Integrated Engineering TCU Tune

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The IE Transmission Tune delivers increased power, higher RPM limit, faster shifts, variable launch control, and additional transmission performance features when paired with the matching ECU tune. Acceleration times will greatly improve turning your tuned engine into a fully rounded performance monster.


IE’s record-breaking ECU Tunes are fully realized performance calibrations that deliver unmatched power figures. Without a matching TCU tune, the transmission will short shift the powerband at 6300RPM vs the tune’s peak power at 7200RPM -leaving power on the table. Furthermore, the TCU upgrade modifies shift speed, torque limit maps, line pressure, and launch control functions, to fully match your ECU calibration. As a result, horsepower and torque levels are raised and acceleration is greatly improved to create a complete ECU & TCU performance package.


  • Performance matched calibration
  • Refined drive for the automotive enthusiast
  • Higher shift limit
  • Increases torque limits
  • Lightning-fast shift times
  • Engagement lag reduced
  • Removed manual shift delay
  • Line pressure increased to protect against trans slip
  • Variable launch control for dialed-in launches
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing

Stage 1 or higher ECU Tune is required to run this transmission tune.


The IE ZF8 AL551 TCU Tune includes a variable launch control to deliver chest pounding launches from a stop. 3 different launch RPMs (street, aggressive, or race) are included to dial in the fastest launch for your vehicle and tire setup. With the optimized launch mode set in your TCU, you can launch to the moon knowing your tires will put down the maximum power needed for the fastest launch.


IE’s ZF8 AL551 TCU tune is all-inclusive without any unnecessary upgrades or additional charges for future ECU Tune upgrades. All features and optimizations are included for any level of hardware or performance stage, one cost and you are covered for all and any future upgrades.


IE’s POWERlink Cable and Flash Wizard software gives you the freedom to quickly flash your new IE ECU or TCU Tune. Simply plug your POWERlink into the vehicle’s OBD-2 port and follow the on-screen directions, it’s that easy!

If you are purchasing along with an IE ECU Tune, you do not need to purchase two POWERlink cables. One cable can flash both your ECU and TCU tunes.


IE’s fully proven transmission software allows the full performance experience from your engine while retaining factory comfort and reliability. IE’s own tuning technology suite is used to completely reverse-engineer the factory transmission mapping, allowing our software engineers access to realign all safety protocols for the new TCU calibration. Every tune parameter undergoes months of testing on our in-house dyno systems to verify all correct conditions for peak power delivery and reliability. All driving behavioral maps undergo thousands of miles of testing and a variety of users were polled to develop the ideal driving behavior.


The factory transmission calibration has many performance shortcomings leaving much to be desired by the enthusiast driver. IE software engineers have completely reworked the transmission tune computer with performance driving in mind. This new calibration is much more refined, removes the factory “clunky” feeling, and completely transforms the feel of your supercharged Audi in every driving scenario.


ECU Tuning and pulley upgrades unlock huge power gains from the engine. Increasing the torque limits and line pressure mapping allows for the transmission to hold power increases without causing transmission slip or expedited wear.


The transmission engagement has been reworked to reduce annoying lag when shifting from park or reverse into drive. This feature is most noticeable in daily driving scenarios and makes your every day commute much more enjoyable.


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