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Integrated Engineering Stage 2 Tune

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IE software brings track-ready ECU programming to your engine while retaining factory comfort and reliability. IE’s own tuning technology suite is used to completely reverse-engineer the factory ECU mapping, allowing our software engineers access to realign all safety protocols and sensors for the new performance calibration. Every tune parameter undergoes months of testing on our in-house dyno systems that utilize the world’s only Sea Level Generator developed specifically to verify tune operations in any condition. Confidently drive from LA to Pikes Peak with power that will keep you smiling every mile!

  • Horsepower & torque gains maximized
  • 91, 93, E40, & E85 fuel maps for Stage 1 & 2
  • Stage 1 for stock hardware or basic bolt-ons
  • Stage 2 for full bolt-on support
  • Stage 1 Transmission Tune included with ECU purchase
  • Stage 2 Transmission Tune upgrade available
  • Recalibrated factory boost gauge displays higher boost
  • Neutral/park rev limit raised to 6500 RPM
  • Brake boost enabled for rolling launch
  • Annoying auto-start/stop defaults to off (button turns back on)
  • More aggressive overrun/crackle in Dynamic mode (Stage 2)
  • Crackles enabled for free revving in park or neutral
  • Engine VE is completely remodeled for a smooth power curve
  • Maximized throttle scaling for dependable throttle use
  • Boost control reconfigured for smooth and crisp power delivery
  • Optimized EGT for safe fuel ratios and maximized power output
  • Eliminated/minimized turbocharger surge
  • Reduced turbocharger lag
  • Road speed limiters removed
  • Engineered for all climates and elevations
  • Direct port OBDII at-home flashing
  • Easy octane switching takes only minutes
  • Read and clear diagnostic/problem codes
  • Easy to use Data-logger



E85 & E40 blend ethanol fuels are included with all stages and unlock the most performance potential from our ECU tunes. Ethanol contains tons of oxygen, burns cooler, and has a high resistance to knock. This provides more horsepower and torque than running conventional gasoline and is much less expensive than race gas.


IE calibrators spent many months developing and testing ethanol blends in many climates and elevations. Results were consistent that full E85 runs very close to or beyond the limit of the factory direct injection (DI) fuel system in the mid-range but allows for more power up top. IE’s E85 calibration keeps mid-range power in check to avoid lean conditions, misfires, and power loss then ramps it up top for amazingly fast and consistent track times in a drag racing scenario. E85 is also great for easy fill-ups at the pump for daily driving without mixing blends.


E40 is an ethanol mix of E85 with regular pump 91/93 fuel creating a lower ethanol content fuel. E40 offers the optimal ethanol content for the factory DI fuel system in the mid-range of the power band. The lower content ethanol allows this file to create the maximum power output from 3000RPM-4000RPM, perfect for road course and track racing. E40 will also result in a faster feeling car in most street driving situations.

An ethanol content sensor kit is highly recommended when running ethanol blends.


Commonly used in roll racing, Brake Boosting allows you to build extra boost by applying brake pressure while accelerating. Release the brake pressure for a “rolling launch” or extra surge of power.

Brake Boost is included on all tune stages.


The stock calibration features a very mild overrun/crackle when you decelerate from higher RPM, but is very hard to hear with factory downpipe/exhaust. Stage 2 files turn up the aggressiveness of this overrun and enable crackles on free-revving in neutral or park. Not only will your car drive faster, it will sound faster too! Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Exhaust Overrun is included on stage 2 tunes.



The stock ECU boost control is delivered in a very “close enough” and erratic boost curve. This slow response is reflected in the factory torque curve and can be felt on long power pulls when utilizing the entire powerband. To smooth out this torque curve, IE calibrators re-tuned the boost control mapping to be much faster achieving precision boost request targeting that results in unmatched power delivery.



The new generation Audi MG1 ECU uses a complicated mass flow model to calculate boost control. Typical ECU tunes simply raise the wastegate pressure, however, since the maps that control wastegate position (boost) are not controlled by throttle input resulting in limited throttle predictability. To avoid delivering full-boost at half throttle input, IE engineers have taken the care to rescale the entire mass flow model mathematically over 30 maps which correct the entire range of throttle input. This delivers a linear and predictable throttle pedal which improves drivability in every situation on the street or track.


Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) is the measurement of fuel mixtures exiting the exhaust and is used to determine the health of the fuel/air mixture entering the engine. IE engineers have spent countless hours adjusting boost air/fuel ratio, ignition timing angle, camshaft phasing, intake air temps, and much more to develop the proper EGT adjustments for ultimate engine safety without sacrificing power on all octanes. Since Ethanol burns cooler than gasoline, the extra fuel left over in the cylinders acts as coolant further reducing combustion temperatures and allows for a leaner air-to-fuel ratio without dangerous EGT levels. All IE files contain safety measures and complete knock control to keep the engine producing its potential within verified and safety-first operation.



The factory engine calibration shows a significant drop in torque and power around 3000 RPM due to the unique volumetric efficiency (VE). Instead of tuning around this drop in VE or attempting to simply raise the factory torque/load maps to compensate, our calibrators have completely solved and removed this drop from our ECU calibrations entirely.

IE’s dyno charts are ported directly from our in-house dyno cells and are not modified or “smoothed” in any way.



Upgrading from Stage 1 to Stage 2 or Stage 3 is easy! With IE, you only pay the difference in tune cost with no extra fees. When you install the required matching hardware, simply follow the link on your IE POWERlink software to purchase the tune upgrade and you will be enjoying the next level of power in minutes!


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