RacingLine PCM Box – Continental Turbo (300-320PS)


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How does PCM work?

The  Racingline PCM works by using their in-house developed calibration running on the standalone PCB, which communicates in parallel with the factory ECU.

This communication route allows the PCM to safely optimize a variety of electronic sensor signals in real time, interfacing between the engine controls and its sensors. With multiple channels such as charge air pressure, ignition and fueling controlled by the PCM computer, the result is increased power and torque across the whole powerband of the engine.​

Racingline has carried tens of thousands of development miles of rigorous testing on their in-house dyno, on road and on track with numerous calibrations, across multiple cars and different hardware installations, allowing them to find the sweet spot for engine performance, drivability and safety.

Beautiful Drivability

Racingline’s tuning philosophy of smooth drivability, outstanding reliability and longevity follows suit on the PCM. They have spent hours of research, development and testing on various applications to make sure that both power and torque are increased without any adverse effect.

Power Games

Dedicated only to the latest 2.0 TSI MQB EVO models, the PCM has versions suitable for either the higher output Continental turbo equipped engines, plus the Garrett powered lower output turbo engines. Power is increased, with superb drivability, safety and the ability to revert to the factory ECU calibration at any time.


Every product that carries the RacingLine logo has been thoroughly track-tested. And PCM is no exception. ​

Why? Because only in hard track-use can they push the car’s engine to the limits, again and again. It’s reassuring to know that they’ve done the hard work so you can get on with enjoying your car!

Hardware Compatible

Right from the outset, PCM has been developed in conjunction with RacingLine’s latest Performance Parts for the MQB ‘evo’ cars. ​

Whilst PCM has been developed to work perfectly on an unmodified stock car, it has also been calibrated to self-adapt to take full advantage of any RacingLine upgrades.​

So adding the RacingLine R600 EVO intake, plus our new Turbo Inlet Systems will really let the PCM extract the most from your engine.

What fuel grade can I use?

PCM has been designed to work with different fuel grades around the world, just like factory calibration does. Meaning it’s perfectly safe, whatever grade fuel you put in your tank.

However, using a lower fuel grade will result in less power, meaning that a premium octane fuel is always advised.

How does it compare to an OEM+ calibration?

We’re completely honest about this: the PCM calibration is not as sophisticated as Racingline’s OEM+ calibrations are.​

To keep the car smooth, safe and reliable, PCM’s power levels have to be kept lower than they anticipate for their OEM+ Stage 1 calibrations.​

But of course, you’ll love the power boost you get from PCM, combined with the drivability and efficiency gains. And with their free upgrade program, you can have a free OEM+ calibration as soon as it’s available if that’s the way you want to go!

Register your PCM before use






Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 8 in

VW Golf GTI MK8 – 2021- 2.0T, VW Golf R MK8 – 2021- 2.0T


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