RacingLine Stage 3 IS38 Hybrid Turbo Charger


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Let’s be honest, nobody chooses the Stage 3 upgrade for any reason other than performance. Instant, supercar-like power is the reason we do this! But the RacingLine Performance OEM+ Stage 3 kit offers you much more besides, in terms of driveability, simple installation and reliability. Our Stage 3 power and drivability is exceptional. Although power has exceeded 500bhp with ease in our dynamic testing, we have calibrated this full package with our OEM+ Performance Software to deliver a little less – a safe and repeatable 480bhp.

What this means is true supercar performance levels. In the 4Motion cars, equipped with DSG gearbox, expect to clock around 3 seconds 0-60 (100kph) times, with the potential for quarter mile times in the low 11 / high 10 seconds. Unleash your 2.0 TSI MQB car with our ultimate upgrade. A complete, turn-key package that combines everyday usability with devastating performance just one squeeze of the throttle away. All for great value.

Our OEM+ Stage 3 upgrade offers a complete, turn-key package that is entirely usable on a daily-driven car yet offers devastating performance just one squeeze of the throttle away.   An exceptional value package of the highest quality, intelligently-designed hardware, matched in to our superb OEM+ Performance Software. Reliability comes as standard – fit it, then just enjoy it!

  • A complete solution that blends supercar performance with everyday practicality.
  • The heart of the Stage 3 kit is our significantly re-engineered IS38 turbo – featuring our own turbine wheels and high-spec bearing pack inside.
  • By retaining the housing of the IHI turbo, fitment is simple and cost-effective, reusing the factory oil and coolant lines plus gaskets with no aftermarket connections or adaptors to worry about.
  • Developed and supplied as a full, complete install kit combining our hardware with our matched OEM+ software for a true ‘Plug and Play’ solution.
  • The result? Expect 480hp, amazing driveability, and on a 4WD DSG car 0-60mph/100kph in around 3 seconds. True supercar performance.
  • For IS20 (smaller turbo) cars such as Golf 7 GTI, expect a power output of 450bhp.


Our OEM+ Stage 3 turbo reuses the stock factory IHI turbocharger housing as its basis with massively uprated, re-engineered high-flowing internal componentry.

  • Each turbo is built in the UK, balanced, checked and tested to in excess of its maximum operating speed on a Vane Flow Test Rig
  • Race-spec 360° thrust bearing packs plus increased shaft diameter
  • Complete new CNC machined turbine/ compressor billet wheel
  • Cut-back high flow turbine wheel for higher flow capacity
  • All internal flows inside the housing ported and smoothed to support increased airflow




Weight 22.1 lbs
Dimensions 12.3 × 12.3 × 12.3 in

Audi S3 8V – 2015-2017 2.0T MQB EA888.3, Audi S3 8V.2 – 2018-2020 2.0T MQB EA888.3, Audi TT 8S – 2014+ 2.0T MQB EA888.3, Audi TTS 8S – 2014+ 2.0T MQB EA888.3, VW Arteon – 2019-2022 2.0T MQB EA888.3, VW Golf GTI MK7 – 2015-2017 2.0T MQB EA888.3, VW Golf GTI MK7.5 – 2018-2021 2.0T MQB EA888.3, VW Golf R MK7 – 2015-2017 2.0T MQB EA888.3, VW Golf R MK7.5 – 2018-2021 2.0T MQB EA888.3


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