CTS Turbo Direct Fit Intercooler – MK8 GTI/Golf R


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This is the CTS Turbo Direct-Fit intercooler upgrade for VW MQB MK8 GOLF GTI/GOLF R

It is important to upgrade your intercooler to keep the AIT low and your car running at it’s best. Heat soak from stock or inferior intercoolers will rob you of performance and could lead to pinging/timing pull.

CTS Turbo premium intercooler upgrade is a direct replacement in for your factory part. Our intercooler allows you to keep the charged air cold and keep your power consistent. High flowing core allows for minimal pressure drop and allows air to pass through to the radiator.


  • High-density bar-and-plate core with cast end tanks, capable of supporting 600whp.
  • Airflow directing fins are cast into the end tanks to help with even air distribution inside the intercooler.
  • Fully compatible with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Frontal Collision Warning system Collision Warning system to be adapted by VW after install).
  • One of the largest intercooler cores on the market with complete direct fitment.
  • CAD engineered for excellent performance and perfect fitment.
  • High-pass core allows outside air to get to radiator without issue.


  • 2022 MK8 Golf GTI
  • 2022 MK8 Golf R



Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 9 × 21 in

VW Golf GTI MK8 – 2021- 2.0T, VW Golf R MK8 – 2021- 2.0T


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