RacingLine Intake System – MK7 1.4TSI – TriFoam Filter


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The VWR Cold-Air Intake System kit delivers cold fresh air from outside the engine bay straight to your engine via a large-diameter free-flowing intake pipe.

The VWR RacingLine Cold-Air Intake System replaces the standard factory intake with a complete, high-efficiency, high-flow intake system. Developed for use in our Volkswagen Racing cars, the VWR system delivers really impressive airflow gains, as much as 9% higher at peak power than the stock intake system.  By reducing turbo spool by up to up to 500rpm in some cases through the enhanced efficiency of the system, lightning-fast turbo response is guaranteed.

The intake uses a fully-enclosed black anodized aluminum spinning which contains the high flow triple-layer cone filter.

As a ram air style intake, it draws cold, dense air directly from the front edge of the front panel under the bonnet’s leading edge. Meanwhile, the fully-enclosed filter housing means that intake air is only drawn from outside the engine bay – not the hot air from the engine bay that can affect non-enclosed intake designs.

Make no mistake, you will hear the rich induction noise from this race-bred intake system as soon as you accelerate hard for the first time.  With the increased airflow from this system, you will also not miss the sound of the diverter valve opening when you lift between gears.




Weight 6.7 lbs
Dimensions 9.2 × 9.2 × 20.2 in

VW Golf MK7 – 2015-2017 1.4T TSI, VW Golf MK7.5 – 2018-2021 1.4T TSI


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