RacingLine R600 Cotton Filter Oversock


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RacingLine’s new Cotton Filter ‘Oversock’ combines the best of both filter choices. The single-layer foam material protects debris and dust from settling on the Cotton Filter surface and reduces the deterioration that all pleated cotton filters always suffer from.
Simply slide the foam oversock over the top of the foam filter and protect the surface layer of the cotton from dust and dirt and keep your R600 intake performing.

When it needs it, the oversock can be cleaned or just replaced cheaply to keep the cotton filter at its very best for years.

  • Simply slides over the top of the Cotton R600 filter 
  • Cotton Filters always deteriorate in efficiency as dirt settles and slowly restricts airflow – this Oversock keeps the surface clean
  • Simply remove the Oversock and clean it, or replace it at each service, keeping your Cotton Filter airflow like new

Note, not for use with the Tri-foam filter.




Weight 0.9 lbs
Dimensions 13.1 × 10.3 × 3.2 in


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