RacingLine Stage 3+ Carbon Replacement Rotors – 355mm


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A pair of replacement rotors/discs for RacingLine’s Stage 3+ Carbon Ceramic Big Brake Kit in 355mm diameter.

For RacingLine’s Stage 3+ Big Brake Kit with 355mm rotor size, this is a pair of replacement Carbon Ceramic rotors/discs. They come as rotors only, without the center bell/top hat which is reused (or can be ordered separately if required). A set of replacement bolts to remount the new rotors onto the center bell is included. These are the same CCM rotor specification that is supplied with the original kit when new. These rotors are only applicable to this RacingLine Stage 3+ 355mm CCM Brake Kit. Please note, that these Carbon Ceramic rotors CAN be retrofitted to RacingLine’s Stage 3 Big Brake Kit in 355mm (ie, kits supplied with a steel rotor). If doing so, it is essential that replacement CCM-specific Brake Pads are fitting at the same time as upgrading the rotor.




Weight 33.2 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 20.2 × 6.4 in



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