Emmanuele Design Vw Mk7/8V Lowering springs with rear spring pads

Product type: Suspension

Vendor: Emmanuele Design



Lowering spring kit from our friends at Emmanuele Design!

���Proudly Made In The USA featuring updated front spring design

One of the most frequent complaints that we hear from customers after installing lowering springs is the poor ride quality. On the MQB platform, progressive lowering springs will typically create a "bouncy" scenario where the rear of the car will tend to become uncomfortable and unpredictable on rough roads. Our fix for this has usually been to add stiffer rear shocks, which will limit the issue. But for customers with magnetic suspension, this is a more intensive process and requires removing an expensive factory feature.

Taking our experience on the MQB platform, along with testing on our in-house S3 and MK7 GTI, we have developed what we feel is the best lowering spring option for those wishing to utilize factory dampers. Using a linear design (similar to OEM) with unique spring rates, our lowering springs are properly matched to the factory dampers, ensuring a ride quality that is slightly stiffer than stock, but predictable in nature. A progressive spring will typically be softer at light loads, then dramatically stiffen as compression increases. In our experience on the MQB platform, this makes it very hard to match dampening, and creates the bouncy feeling over light bumps.

Our linear design has a consistent rate as the spring sees higher load. So on light bumps, it will allow the chassis to follow the road well (minimizing the bouncy feeling), while under heavy compression it will stiffen to prevent bottoming out. In our experience, this creates a much better overall ride quality.

Lowering Specs:

  • Approximately 1.0" Front & Rear On Golf R
  • Approximately 1.2" Front & Rear On GTI
  • Approximately 1.6" Front & Rear On Golf

Key Features:

  • Linear spring design similar to OEM springs
  • Compatible with DCC/ACC
  • Designed to work with factory shocks
  • Excellent ride comfort, slightly stiffer than factory springs
  • No bouncy ride, no need for aftermarket shocks
  • Consistent compression and rebound

 Each spring set is 100% made in the USA exclusively for Emmanuele Design. The springs are made of high tensile chrome silicon and each unit is shot peened, pre-set and 100% tested to insure all the critical dimensions and rate/loads are within tolerance. The springs are then powder coated with a stealth black finish for an OEM appearance.

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