Product type: Turbo Kit

Vendor: CTS Turbo



Currently the BOSS turbo upgrade is only compatible with CTS Turbo intake, however, other intakes could be made to work – unfortunately, we cannot provide guidance for installing other manufacturer’s intakes.
You can use a CTS Turbo or other billet diverter/blow-off valve. Factory DV is compatible but requires a harness extension. Only OEM or CTS turbo outlet pipe is compatible at this time.

Product contents:
– Genuine Garrett GTX Gen2 turbocharger
– CTS Turbo exhaust housing
– CTS Turbo wastegate bracket
– CTS Turbo 4-ply silicon couplers
– CTS Turbo DV/BOV valve adapter
– CTS Turbo oil lines
– CTS Turbo water lines
– Hardware required for installation

 Product features:
– 400hp to 600hp capable (depending on fueling and engine mods)
– Direct bolt-on without any modifications to the car
– Compatible with CTS Turbo intake and DV/BOV
– Compatible with factory or CTS Turbo turbo outlet pipe
– Compatible with any exhaust downpipe
– Tuning available for North American fueling and for upgraded fueling from United Motorsport and Eurodyne

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