The Owner, Philippe Tounissidis begins his career as a mechanic of heavy vehicles. After, it moves towards the automobile field, in a workshop specialized Volkswagen or it knew to develop its passion for the brand.

Later in 2009, having acquired knowledge and experiment, he feels the need to be able to make more for passion, and then he decides to start his Volkswagen and diesel engine shop. With its customers coming from the 4 corners of Quebec, and demand growing with regard to its services, Philippe decides to open a larger workshop. 

A workshop with a vision, being able to offer its services with a greater scale and which will be large enough for its constant evolution. 

For simple or complex projects, Mec Evo will be able to help you, gain your confidence and your satisfaction. 

Mec Evo has the necessary knowledge and all the equipment to answer your needs while offering products of quality or economic solutions,  always by keeping in mind to give you a good service and competitive prices. 

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