At Integrated Engineering (IE), we love to build, drive, create and innovate performance-driven Volkswagen and Audi’s. We know first-hand the importance of quality designed, engineered, and reliable parts. That is why our team is dedicated to providing high-quality automotive performance products without compromising quality. We specialize in making your Audi or Volkswagen go faster for longer and stand behind all our products.

Our customers have grown to expect a quality build and finish that we strive to over-deliver on, not only to manufacture the best but to ensure the final product performs as well as it was engineered. This begins with an in-depth design process that can take months to years, and through specialized software, the digital product is designed and re-imagined many times over. From here, many products are “rapid prototyped” in ABS plastic to check dimension, fit, and in some cases application. Many of our high-power performance products such as connecting rods, camshafts, and valve train components undergo hours of ruthless testing on our in-house engine and chassis dyno facilities. This ensures that our products have real world-data, for real-world results, on real-world cars. At Integrated Engineering, we believe our commitment to bringing you the highest quality performance products available with un-compromised performance truly sets us apart from the rest. 

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